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Everything You Need to Know

You’ve Got Questions - I’ve Got Answers

How is skill training different than AAU or my high school off-season program?

This is a great question. While they all may seem to provide the same value, they are quite different. AAU will primary give you games and practices. Your local high school program may provide you with summer games, a few contact days, and open gyms, however, coaches are limited on the instruction they can provide.

Skill development sessions will provide you with detailed instruction that you can take, practice, and implement at your high school and AAU events. 

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train with Train with Ben?

No! I work with players of all skill and athleticism levels.

Do you train girls?

Absolutely! Some of my most successful clients are women!

Has Ben ever worked with any professional athletes?

Yes I have! Many of them are preparing for or are currently having great seasons playing overseas in countries such as Spain, England, Germany, Italy, and more! I have also assisted with NBA workouts lead by NBA Skills Coach Drew Hanlen.

Do you specialize in any specific skill?

No. I am continually trying to educate myself in every area of basketball, not just skills, so that I can provide the best experience for every client that I train.

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