About Me

Over the years, I have been fortune enough to coach high school basketball for 4 years and AAU for 3, all while pursuing a degree in education. Since graduating from college, I have been blessed to work with players from all over the state including college players from all levels and overseas pros.  I have also had the opportunity to help with the NBA summer workouts for players such as Zach Lavine, Jayson Tatum, Kelly Oubre, and more.

The best part about being a trainer is that I am able to help players reach goals that were only dreams at one time. I really take pride in not only helping players on the court but making sure that they are thriving off the court as well. 

 To me, the best way to increase a player's confidence and in-game performance is by teaching them the skills they will use in a game and then put them in the controlled game situation where they can practice those same skills.